Welcome to Road to Ridges!

Thank you for joining me.  I have wanted a space to talk about nutrition, health, and wellness, and I decided to create my own.  My dream is to have this be an open exchange of ideas and thoughts, so if there is ever a topic on your mind that you want to discuss, please send me a message!

First, a little about me.  I am not a nutritionist.  I am not a physical therapist.  I am not a personal trainer.  I am, however, interested in all things wellness, and I have been since I was young.

My mom read a book called “Sugar Busters” back in early Aughts (can you believe that was nearly 20 years ago?!?), and that opened the door to the world of nutrition.  The book was focused on cutting white sugar in all forms, and was a lone wolf in that Atkins-focused era.  It made logical sense to me, rather than the “eat bacon for breakfast and you’ll lose weight” movement, so I started reading more.  Sugar Busters introduced me to Kashi before it was a household brand (and before Kashi introduced all the yummy/sugar-laden recipes that are now the primary products), and it gave me a foundation to explore further.

sugar busters

Cut to 2008, when I stumbled upon a podcast from a woman in California named Gina Cloud. Her now-defunct podcast (miss you Gina!) opened my eyes to a whole world of new age-y wellness that has now become mainstream.  In 2008, Gina was interviewing doctors who discussed the potential dangers of hormonal birth control and whistleblowers in the cosmetics industry.  Now, green beauty has exploded and mindfulness is the theme of the month.

Even though I sought information on health and wellness on a daily basis, I didn’t pursue it as a career, but as a hobby.  Six years out of law school, I realize that I need to give voice to this side of me and start pursuing it in earnest. I’ve watched with excitement as my friends and family have discovered information on nutrition and wellness on their own, and I want to be a resource to spark additional thought. So let’s go on this journey together.

Love and Gratitude,



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