Indoor Gross Motor Play

I honestly try to be strategic about my toy purchases (despite what my husband thinks!) but after COVID hit and daycare was closed, I was faced with an energetic 15 month old (now 2.5 years!) who needed to move her body and develop her strength. I had gravitated towards fine motor play, because that was what Wren had gravitated toward, but once we were all stuck at home together I knew I needed to create BIGGER play for BIG development. Below are the gross motor play toys I’ve come to love.

Stepping Stones

These things are great. Can be used indoor and outdoor, and can grow with the child. We first started by trying to balance on the small stones, and now Wren has progressed to climbing the largest stones herself! When she gets even bigger we can place them farther apart and play The Floor is Lava.

Nugget Comfort

Ahh the beloved Nugget. I was first introduced to these by North Carolina friends who got their orders in before the Nugget sky rocketed in popularity. We use this for forts, obstacle course, pretend ponies, lounging, reading nooks. Its very versatile and kids just go gaga for it.

Mini Trampoline

This is a kids version so it has a weight limit, versus a mini trampoline built for adult exercise. I honestly could not see myself doing tramp exercise like it was 1992 so I was ok with the weight limit. Kids versions are cheaper as well.

Fabric Tunnel

This I found at Big Lots for $5 and was SO THRILLED at such a steal. There are other versions that may be longer or have a bigger diameter, but for the price this one does the trick. Wren likes to crawl through it, hide in it, flop down on it, just roll around and get her wiggles out.

Those are my hits! Do you have any other gross motor play toys that you recommend?


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