Growing and Creating

Hello long lost internet family! When I started RoadtoRidges, I had a yearning desire to create – to put something out there into the world with my own effort.  The creation bug struck in more ways than one, and in early April, I found out Isaac and I were expecting our first child!

Since that time, I’ve been focused more inwardly on growing and preparing for the expansion of our family.  I’m now 6 months pregnant, and so so excited for all the things we have to look forward to.  And yet, I still wanted to speak, to tell my story.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or eloquent or insightful, because as long as it is mine, it is enough.

Sasha helping me scout photo backgrounds

As you can imagine, 6 months means a lot has happened, and there’s lots to tell about, so instead of dropping all my updates at once, I’m going to do them piece by piece. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Bumpdates: everything that’s been going on with this pregnancy, and where we are now. Only 11 more weeks to go!
  • Our Mountain House aka The DIY Project for the Next Five Years
  • What I’m Reading: because my brain is always all over the place and its fun to look at the randomness of my book selections
  • Fun Food Recently: because we all gotta eat, and ideas on what’s for dinner never hurt!

So stay tuned for all the details! I didn’t want to overwhelm you with text (because trust, its going to be a novel) so instead I’ll leave you with my most recent photos of the furbabies.  We could all use more puppy and kitten pictures, right?

Faline knows the reason for the season
Ziggy keeping a watchful eye on the neighbors, with a little help from his friends

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